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Jesus teaches us many things, and perhaps the easiest to understand – and the hardest to put into practice – is the Golden Rule: “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” – Luke 6:31

At Wednesday Club, First Presbyterian Church’s outreach ministry for children in kindergarten – 4th grade, we focus on the Golden Rule and how to follow it to become better people who love and please God. We have a lot of fun while doing it, too.

This fall we have worked with 28 children and six youth to learn about Paul. Together we’ve been amazed at how God could change such a horrible man who persecuted him into someone who loved Jesus so much he would endure every hardship just to be able to tell others about him. The youth and puppets have helped tell the story, and crafts and games also reinforce the lessons. Sometimes the snack even gets into the story!

The best day of all is tomorrow when 15 children new to Wednesday Club will get a Bible of their very own through the generous sponsorship of church members. Each year, the children are so excited to receive their very own Bibles. Those who can read well dive right in. Those who are still learning find great joy in finding the words they know, so we teach them Jesus, Lord, and love, and watch them with full hearts as they eagerly tell us they’ve found Jesus!

This ministry is about planting seeds as the majority of the children have no church home. We will water the seed and tend it as long as we can, and trust God to bring others into their lives who will continue that work. Our prayer is that they find Jesus in their heart, and not just on the page. That he will change their lives the way he has changed ours. And that they will be like Paul and share Jesus with others wherever they go.

You may support Wednesday Club through your prayers for the ministry and the children, youth, and volunteers. We also need volunteers to provide a healthy snack each week, ride the bus to get the children, pick up youth helpers at their schools, and help during the program. Contact the church office if you would like to be part of this outreach.

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