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Lakeshore Center at Okoboji

As I was (and still am, in many ways) getting to know First Presbyterian church, I was excited to hear that the church has connections with a Christian camp. I worked 6 summers at three different camps and I have found Christian camping to be a very effective form of ministry. While Lakeshore Center is 200 miles away, it has played an important part in the spiritual development of many of our youth and adults.

Now, Lakeshore Center has come upon some harder years. They are hiring multiple staff positions and working to fix up some things on the property and they are trying to bring more people to the camp. They are hosting a retreat called Reflective Time Away at Lakeshore on December 6-8 that anyone is invited to attend. You can find more information

in the brochure at the bottom of this post.

The camp leadership has also been emphasizing that they would really like to host more people and groups. They have cabins for rent and are open to hosting all sorts of retreats from family reunions to business meetings. If you are simply interested in helping around the camp, they are holding regular volunteer days, or you can volunteer on other days as well. You can learn more and find contact information on the camp website. Please consider using this great resource and supporting Lakeshore Center’s ministry.

- Pastor Bryan

12062021 Reflective Time Away Brochure Suffering to hope
Download PDF • 803KB


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