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Feed My Lambs

First Presbyterian Church has a long history of feeding people. Many people in the Marshalltown community know us as the church that opened its doors and its heart to feed anyone in need following the 2018 tornado. Fewer people remember the food and supply pantry the church opened at that time. As life returned to normal we closed that pantry, but we have always kept a small supply of pantry items on hand to offer those who come to us for help.

As a downtown church, this foot traffic is unpredictable, and often people in need are reluctant to take food directly. It takes a lot for someone to ask for help, and accepting a bag of food from someone is humbling. Our community has a great resource in the Emergency Food Box and we support them. It is also true that our community has greater need than the EFB can meet on its own. The Missions & Evangelism and Property Committees have decided to work together to create a free food pantry that will provide people a way to meet their needs while preserving their dignity. People can add items of their own - anonymously - to the pantry when they are back on their feet. It also provides our congregation an opportunity to "do good and share with others" as Paul teaches in Hebrews 13:16.

We are excited to be starting this new food ministry. We have been supported by the Marshall County Extension office and the Presbytery of North Central Iowa's Mission Partnership Grant in getting this project started. Many individuals in the church have contributed their time to building and painting the pantry box and setting the post. The pantry will be installed and ready to go before Thanksgiving. We are asking for your support for the pantry through non-perishible food donations, monetary donations, and prayer support for the program and the individuals who make use of it. A wagon for donations is located under the main stairs by the church office.

If you are interested in helping with this ministry please contact the the church office.


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