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What is CIRSI?


In 2023, First Presbyterian Church helped support Central Iowa Residential Services Inc. (CIRSI).  If one is not aware of what CIRSI does, its mission statement is:


To provide individualized services to children and adults with intellectual or mental health disabilities…helping them obtain greater independence in their community through living, learning and doing.

The founders started the organization in 1974, and the program has now spread to Grinnell, Iowa Falls, and Tama, with several houses in Marshalltown.  CIRSI provides a living environment for children and adults as well as short term options such as adult day care and parent respite care.


Last year First Presbyterian youth and adults joined with CIRSI to help with the yard cleanup at one of its Marshalltown homes.  Spring will be a good time for that fun effort again!  As part of our congregation’s Local Option Benevolence program, we contributed $750 to the general support of CIRSI.


This year, Missions and Evangelism is contributing toward a specific project. In the summer of 2024, CIRSI is going to do a minor facilities improvement project at their main office.  An awning will be put over the existing patio, which is used by staff and clients alike.  It will be a 32’ by 17’ steel roof awning to cover the existing patio (see attached picture) on the south side of the CIRSI building.  This area is unshaded, making it unusable during periods of extreme sun, heat, or precipitation.  This area is used for both enjoyment and as an important programming tool by CIRSI clients and staff.  Their day program for individuals with severe disabilities (wheelchairs, seizure disorders, etc.) will have a door for direct access to the patio. It is a change of environment that can help provide a new perspective for clients during periods of stress and it provides a valuable area for socialization, programming, and team building.


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