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Update: Honduras & El Salvador - MorningStar Missions 2022

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

We have an update from our mission partners in Honduras and El Salvador, Shawn & Nancy Paul with MorningStar Missions:

Blessing to all, Nancy and I wanted to give you an update on MorningStar Missions 2022. Please watch the video and thank you so much for supporting the work we are doing in Honduras and El Salvador!

Brief Overview

  • We are preparing for an influx of mission teams coming this year starting in April till the end of August each month.

  • Nancy is expanding her children's ministry into El Salvador more so.

  • We are gaining radio partners to provide Spanish content for the radio broadcast in Honduras.

  • Honduras schools are open and we are looking for opportunities to take the gospel into them through Pastor Favio.

  • MorningStar Missions is looking for opportunities to network and collaborate globally for missions.

    • Teaching and training missionaries to enter the field.

    • Developing awareness in churches regarding missions.

    • Consulting ministries on how to cultivate missions within their organization.

    • Show how to identify potential missionaries, qualify, prepare, and send them out.

    • Finding teaching and training opportunities within churches to aid and help in mission growth.

    • AND much more!

Again, it means so much to us that we have partners like you that are praying and financially supporting us. It takes a team to do the work we do. We know we are not alone when we have you all standing with us in this Great Commission for the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Blessings to all!

Shawn Paul

Mission Director

MorningStar Missions

Honduras #: 504-9589-4326

USA #: 502-509-3607

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