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Together We Can

Together We Can is a local mental health peer support organization that we support. They will be celebrating their grand opening this Thursday, August 17, 2023, from 3:00-6:00 PM at 8 W. Church St., and all are invited to attend.

Together We Can (TWC) is a peer-run, not-for-profit organization that supports adults dealing with mental health issues in Marshall and surrounding counties. The Mental Health Foundation defines peer support as people using their own experience to help each other. Peer support workers are people who have been successful in the recovery process and help others experiencing similar situations.

TWC’s mission is to:

Support, educate and provide hope to those seeking recovery, and build resilience, that will enable them to thrive in their lives and community.

TWC values:

Empowerment and responsibility


Acceptance and respect for diversity

Reciprocity and mutuality in relationships

Recovery from psychiatric difficulties

TWC’s goals and objectives:

To assure people that they are not alone, and recovery is possible.

To encourage individuals to develop a rewarding life of their choosing.

To provide the opportunity for individuals to learn from their peers.

To provide information and resources to individuals and the community.

To do the above, Becky and Deb, TWC’s State of Iowa certified Peer Recovery Specialists, offer support groups, classes, programs, and presentations. They have support groups that meet for several weeks for education on particular illnesses and they also have standing support groups for depression, anxiety and bipolar. They offer individual peer support as well and an open support group. Life skills classes are also offered to help people develop their abilities to set goals, make healthier choices, and work to prevent mental health relapse. The Path Program helps those who are returning from a mental health visit to a local emergency department or a hospital stay. TWC will also give presentations on a variety of mental health topics to local groups and organizations with the goal of educating and reducing stigma around mental health.

TWC is open Monday – Friday 9AM-4PM & Monday evening 7-9PM. They are located at 8 W. Church St. except on Mondays when they are at 22 N. Center St. (the YSS building).

To learn more about Together We Can and the services they provide you can contact them at (515)391-3233,,, or stop by their open house on Thursday.


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