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Tailoring with ChildVoice

Just when we weren't sure what to share in today's blog we received an update from ChildVoice. The Lord provides in so many ways! Below are reflections from the Nigeria director of ChildVoice and a link to their winter newsletter telling about an exciting and productive tailoring apprenticeship program they have been able to offer displaced youth.

There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more painful than any wound that bleeds.

During the time I have been with ChildVoice, I have experienced and learned a lot from working with adolescents affected by war and exploitation. I know that it’s not about something being wrong with these traumatized boys and girls (many of whom are child mothers). It’s about what has happened to them. Their backgrounds—the violence and trauma they’ve suffered—can leave them feeling demoralized, damaged, and believing they are broken beyond all hope. But I have seen these young people fight for their lives and restore peace and hope within themselves.

I have witnessed change over and over.

I thank God that girls and boys who come to us with tears in their eyes later go to graduation with a smile, ready to face the world with renewed strength.


David Jomusu

Co-Head of Office, Nigeria

Current and past ChildVoice newsletters are available here. The most recent one shares about their apprenticeship pilot project in Mubi, Nigeria.


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