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Support for House of Compassion

This week we have an update from Chad Hammar, executive director of the House of Compassion thanking First Presbyterian Church for our support and generosity. We support the House of Compassion through local-option benevolence funds, adopting families at Christmas, and the Soup Kitchen.

This time of year, we support the House of Compassion through our adoption of two families for Christmas. This year there are five children to buy for! It is easy to take part – just look at the small tree in the Narthex, select a gift, and take the ornament tag with you. Go purchase your gift and return it UNWRAPPED by December 17th. Make sure you attach the gift tag to the gift so it can be matched to the correct child. There will be a box for the items in the Narthex through December 17th. If you would like to be part of this Christmas cheer but cannot check out the tree, call the church office and Michelle will let you know which items are still available. What a great way to show children that they are loved!

Another tremendous service of the House of Compassion is their Soup Kitchen. According to Mr. Hammar’s update, this program is on schedule to provide 14,500 meals in 2023. Every month on the third Thursday First Presbyterian Church is responsible for cooking and serving the soup kitchen meal. This is a great opportunity to give back to the community, help those in need, and spend time in fellowship with others from the church. The 4:45 – 6:45PM time slot is great for families looking for a way to serve others, as children often really enjoy helping serve the meal and clean-up. Our church’s volunteers like to get other people involved in this ministry and are a fun bunch who help newcomers learn what to do. If you are interested in helping or would like more information, contact the church office or talk to Matt Broshar or Jackie Hughes.

First Presbyterian youth serving at the House of Compassion Soup Kitchen in 2018

The Supply Closet allows individuals and families to select an item that is not covered by other benefits, such as toilet paper, baby wipes, OTC medications, shampoo, and cleaning supplies each month. First Presbyterian Church recently finished a drive to help stock this resource.

Our financial support also goes to other great programs through House of Compassion. Their letter describes these programs and closes with other ways you can consider supporting their work on your own if you choose.

Our Client Services Programming, offering financial assistance for utility bills, medical/dental needs and tuition-payment for clients wishing to learn the English language has already surpassed monies budgeted for 2023 with 45 days to go. In fact, we continue to enroll a monthly average of 17 new households between Client Services and our Supply Closet programming. The need out there is real, and we will continue to meet it with your help.

In terms of new programming, our JobPath Program continues to be a success, with 24 households no longer requiring our services due to gainful employment or better paying jobs. Much thanks to IowaWorks, Iowa Valley Continuing Education, and TLC Associates for their wonderful work in this program. Thanks also to United Bank &Trust, as they remain at-the-ready for clients wishing to participate in Financial Literacy classes. Our new Scholarship Program made four, $500 awards to very deserving students now attending Marshalltown Community College, making their dreams of higher education come true. These programs are now staples of who we are and we remain excited for the opportunities they will create.

Thank you. Thank you for partnering with us. Thank you for continuing to love and support others through us, especially in these challenging financial times. We are serving more households than ever, so your generosity is more crucial than ever. You are appreciated!

You can donate through our website or through our Venmo account at Compassion211. As always, I am available to answer any questions at 641-752-5999 or Our Endowment is also an opportunity for sustained giving. If you are interested; contact Colleen Springer at for more information.

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