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Same Kind of Different As Me

This morning I finished listening to Same Kind of Different as Me by Denver Moore, Ron Hall, and Lynn Vincent and I highly recommend it. It tells the true story of Ron Hall, a wealthy art dealer and Denver Moore, who escapes slavery-like share-cropping only to end up living on the streets of Dallas and Fort Worth. These two men never would have met if it wasn’t for Ron’s wife, Deborah who convinces Ron to volunteer at the shelter where Denver is staying. The story that follows is one that displays the transforming power of Christ’s love in both men’s lives and the amazing impact of following God’s call to love our neighbor.

Stories like this inspire me to consider how I can do more to help those who are homeless or are struggling to find their place in our society. Yes, I support the work of groups like House of Compassion and the Salvation Army, but is that really all that Jesus would call me to do?

I know some people are limited in what they can do. I would encourage you to be in prayer for the groups who are helping the marginalized and downtrodden. Consider giving to the House of Compassion if you are able. As a board member at the House of Compassion, I can tell you they are using those funds efficiently and working to really make a difference in the lives of people who are looking for help. If you can serve in other ways, consider helping when we serve meals on the third Thursday of each month (or a different evening – help is always appreciated). Even beyond this, I would challenge you to really consider how Jesus would call us to be showing His love for those who are homeless.

I would recommend reading Same Kind of Different as Me and pray about how God is calling you to care for neighbors who are from a completely different background from you.

- Pastor Bryan

As a sidenote, there is a movie of the book now as well. I have not seen it, so I don’t know if it follows the story of the book or not.

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