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Pray for our Partners

There are some missionaries and groups that we don’t often hear updates from, but we encourage you to be praying for them.

Lori Adams-Fellowship of Christian Athletes – Pray that she will be able to connect well with student-athletes and show God’s love clearly in her ministry at Iowa State University.

Child Abuse Prevention Services – Pray that their work with Marshall County families facing economic and other hardships brings about positive change so all children have safe and loving homes.

Child Voice – Pray children and young mothers in need are brought to their ministry, that they have the staff and resources to provide the love and care the children need, and that the fighting in Uganda and Nigeria that produces the crisis for children and their families is ended.

CIRSI – Pray that the residents and clients of CIRSI will be cared for well. Pray for the staff to be encouraged and energized in their work.

Jennifer Davis – Pray that she will develop good relationships in her ministry to college students in Providence, Rhode Island, showing God’s love in life-changing ways. Pray that the church plant she works with continues to grow.

Emergency Food Box – Pray their ministry to the people in Marshall County has the resources it needs to meet the needs of everyone who needs food assistance.

House of Compassion – Pray for Chad and Maryna to have wisdom and care for each person they help. Pray also for the people in our community who are seeking help to be able to find exactly the help they need.

Lakeshore Center – Pray for the camp administration and the people who will work and volunteer there this year. Pray God is preparing them for the work ahead, for the programs, and most importantly, to be good mentors to the children and youth who will be campers this summer.

Marshalltown Christian School – Pray for administrators and teachers as they face challenges each day. Pray for students to learn well and to choose to follow Jesus with their whole lives.

Mid Iowa Community Action Center – Pray for MICA to effectively help the people in our community who are in need. Pray also for solutions to the underlying issues of poverty.

Orphan Grain Train – Pray they have the volunteer help and the donations needed to show God’s love through providing for people in need in this country and around the world.

Salvation Army – Pray for the people ministering to the needs of others through the Salvation Army, that God’s love shows in their work, and that they have the resources they need to make a difference in people’s lives here in Marshalltown.


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