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Mission Team Prayers

This week we are asking you to pray for our Mission team, the people they will meet, and the work they will be doing this week. The team of five youth and six adults will travel to Guatemala tomorrow where they will work with Shawn and Nancy Paul of MorningStar Missions. They will return on Wednesday, June 14th. You are welcome to come to the church parking lot tomorrow morning at 4:15 a.m. to pray with them before they leave for the airport.

Please be praying for the following for the team members and their mission:

· Discipleship - that they will grow and become better disciples, drawing closer to God through the work that they do, the people they meet, and all that they experience on this trip

· Openness – to new cultures, new experiences, new people, and new ways for team members to see and appreciate each other as brothers and sisters in Christ

· Unity – that the team will pull together as a cohesive unit, supporting one another in all that they do, reflecting Christ to each other and everyone they meet

Please also pray for Shawn and Nancy and the preparations they have made for our group. Pray that God has been and will be at work in the hearts of those the team will meet and minister to, and in the hearts of those who will observe from a distance. Ask the Lord to provide traveling mercies both in the flights to and from Guatemala and as they travel in the country.

Finally, a prayer of thanksgiving that all of the passports have arrived! Thank the Lord for bringing this team together and sending them on this trip.

Nancy Paul ministering to children outside the school and feeding center

where the team will be working.

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