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Life is Jesus Christ

Today we have an update from Shawn & Nancy Paul and MorningStar Missions. They have a new platform, Life is Jesus Christ, to share ministry resources with pastors in Central America, Africa, and anywhere in the world! You can see Shawn talk about it here.

The Life is Jesus Christ website has ministry resources, blog posts, and Shawn's podcasts. You can check it out here. The Life is Jesus Christ Facebook page has much of the same content as well as inspirational Bible verses and sayings. Just search "Life is Jesus Christ" on Facebook and look for the symbol above.

Nancy also shared an update on the school at La Bendicion that our mission team worked at this summer. Through the gift of the daughter of the missionary that started the feeding program, they have raised enough money for a well to be dug! Praise the Lord! A well will be a huge blessing to everyone there. Currently the government shuts off the water in the early afternoon, so having their own well will allow access to water all day and water won't need to be stored where it gets dirty.

For more on what mission groups have been doing with MorningStar Missions in Central America, scroll down to see their update here.

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