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Iowan on Mission Field in Rhode Island

One of the people our church supports here in the United States is Jennifer Davis. Jennifer is from Clemons, Iowa, but has moved out to Rhode Island to work with a church plant in Providence. Specifically, Jennifer is on staff with the church plant, but is focused on outreach at a local college. She connects with students and facilitates Bible studies and works with a couple other staff to do all the work it takes to grow a college ministry.

God has been blessing this work and they are beginning to see fruit. Just recently the college approved their ministry as an official group on campus, which sounds minor, but was a significant hurdle that could have been delayed and disputed but was instead approved quickly and without issue. Through the connection with the college, they recently had a young man come to faith and join the church and a Bible study.

The church is still in their “soft launch” phase which means they are meeting in homes and primarily doing Bible studies while they look for a permanent place to meet. Once they have that permanent place they will do a full launch and start holding full services.

While they are early in this process, the staff are hoping to be running ministries on the campuses of the 6 colleges located in Providence. Of course, they will be reaching out to adults outside of the college setting as well, but they want to be focused specifically on college ministry. Providence is a great place for them to be operating as only about 2% of the people in the area are evangelical Christians. Instead, a nominal Catholicism pervades the area, with many people being practical atheists or agnostics.

Please pray for Jennifer as she does this important work. Pray that God would give her opportunities and openings to share His truth and that the Holy Spirit would empower her to use those opportunities well when they come. Pray for the church to find the right building and for wisdom as they make those decisions. Ask God to bless the plans to reach out on the other five college campuses as well and to raise up the workers needed for that work. Pray for the young man who recently committed his life to Jesus that his faith would be sustained and growing.


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