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FPC Youth at Camp

Our youth ministries are up and running again following the low time of summer. We met about once a month this summer for bonfires and some other fun events, but now we are getting back into our weekly meetings. We kicked off the year recently with a trip down to Lake View Camp near Pella. This summer we supported 15 young people in attending camp at Lake View, so it was a familiar place for many of our youth.

Last weekend we took a busload of 26 fifth through twelfth graders to Lake View for a weekend of outdoor fun like fishing and canoeing, Bible lessons from Pastor Joe Brummel, and some fun together. You can watch the video below to see some of the fun. You will probably see some unfamiliar faces as youth from the church invited friends along. It was a great time together!

I also wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who has brought meals for youth group or has signed up to bring a meal, it makes for a fantastic time of fellowship!


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