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Don't Forget

On Tuesday mornings Michelle and I often discuss what we will post on the website that day. On the best days we have recent updates from missionaries that we know will be interesting and informative. On other days, I offer to write something or post something I have come across recently. On the worst weeks I look up on Thursday and realize I forgot I had offered to post something. I know I am not the only one to forget things. Our memories often don’t work as well as we would like them to. I often feel like I forget more things than I remember.

Memory plays an interesting part in Nehemiah 13, the passage we will consider this Sunday morning. Nehemiah asks God a few times to remember him for what he has done. It is interesting that Nehemiah would ask the omniscient God to remember him. Of course the all-knowing God will remember him! However, God’s remembering is always more that simply his recollection. When God remembers he also intervenes and assists. Nehemiah is asking God to be at work sustaining and encouraging the work Nehemiah has done.

It is a bit like how we pray for God to “be with” someone. Of course, God is with them, but we want God to be especially present with them as they walk through difficult times. We want God to make his presence known to them by intervening in their situation. We want God to remember them as they go through this hard time so that we can entrust them to his hands. We want to be assured that God is at work even in the situations we don’t really have the power to change. Who or what do you need to commit to God’s remembrance today?


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