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ChildVoice update

We recently received an update from ChildVoice, one of the ministries we support. It is hard to read of the dire needs of children in war-torn areas. In addition to our financial support, we believe our prayer support is both necessary and effective. Please pray that the needs of the hungry people in Uganda are met and for the conflicts between herdsmen and farmers in Nigeria to find true and peaceful resolution. ChildVoice's field updates are below. A link to their full update is at the bottom of the page.



In July, ChildVoice held its annual board retreat in New Hampshire. One of the most important topics discussed was the impact that global inflation is having on our staff and beneficiaries, particularly in Uganda. ChildVoice Uganda Country Director Richard Kyitarinyeba reported that market prices in the country have tripled as a result of inflation, making it difficult for families to feed their children, let alone pay school fees. Concurrently, budget shortfalls have forced the World Food Programme to reduce its food relief in Imvepi and other refugee communities, leaving displaced families and children with barely enough food for one week out of a month. ChildVoice is therefore considering an appeal to address unmet food relief needs for our beneficiaries and partner communities.


As part of an initiative to build bridges of peace among communities in conflict, our Nigeria team has brought in a cohort of Fulani youth to learn alongside current ChildVoice Youth Empowerment Center students, many of whom have been displaced from their agricultural villages due ongoing conflicts between Fulani herdsmen and local farmers. It is our hope that as these Fulani adolescents are accepted into the larger camp community, they will be able to act as bridges across a growing and increasingly violent conflict between Fulani herdsmen and local farmers, with tragic consequences.

The needs of the traumatized youth we serve are ongoing. To give, please go to

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