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Zoom Information

Zoom is a communications program that allows group meetings with audio and video using your PC, iPad, or smartphone. The first time you use Zoom a small free application may be installed on your system. Installing the application may take a couple of minutes, so please join the meeting early to allow time for that.

After the Zoom application is installed, simply call up the email meeting invitation and click the link to join the meeting.

When the meeting starts, the host will probably mute all participants so that everyone is able to clearly hear the presenter. If you want to say something, click or touch your screen and then click the microphone to unmute.


During the meeting, you may be called on to vote for a motion. A text box will be provided to vote for or against the motion. Simply click or tap For or Against when the motion is called.


This tutorial is helpful for first-time Zoom users: Video Tutorial for Zoom

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