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What's cooking @ Eleanor's Kitchen?

Our mission partners Shawn and Nancy Paul, of MorningStar Missions, are finding new opportunities for ministry from their new base in Guatemala. One of the ministries we are excited to partner with them in is Eleanor’s Kitchen in La Democracia, Guatemala. Eleanor’s Kitchen is a feeding center near a government-allowed squatter’s camp. It is connected to, and shares a building with, the John Wilson Christian School. John Wilson and Eleanor Reinhold were missionaries who started the school and feeding center many years ago. Neither are still living, but Eleanor established a small trust to fund the feeding center. The trust helps but is not large enough to fully fund the meals and maintain the building, requiring its leaders to seek donations from local businesses and neighbors each week.

Eleanor’s Kitchen is run by Anibal and Elizabeth Mazariegos, who do everything they can to shine the light of Jesus and feed 125+ people twice a week. [Of these, 75 - 80 are children, 25 – 30 are single mothers, and 20 are elderly.] The Pauls are excited by the opportunity to partner with them and minister to the children in this community and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them. Bringing the hope of Jesus to these children will make a big impact on their lives and community.

First Presbyterian Church has sponsored MorningStar Missions’ request for presbytery mission grant funding for Eleanor’s Kitchen (the school has separate funding sources). The money will help purchase food and repair the building. The Pauls also plan to expand their ministry by introducing Nancy’s children’s training materials, identifying and training teachers, and partnering with local churches. They also hope to find a radio station to broadcast the Gospel in the area. This will also be an area for short-term mission teams to work on various projects.

To learn more about the Pauls’ ministry in Central America and their current prayer requests visit their website here.


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