New A/V Bench...

Over the years, we have added more and more capabilities to the Sanctuary audio/video (AV) system. The most recent addition was the ability to stream services during the pandemic. As a result, the workload has increased to where a single AV technician often cannot participate in worship while operating the equipment.


Last month, the property committee and the Session approved going forward with replacing the A/V bench. The woodworking for the new bench will be done over several months and installed later this year.

If you have any questions about this project, don't hesitate to contact Steve Anderson

Proverbs 15:22

Concept B

18-May-2022: Feedback was given on Concept A, with a concern that the size and position of the bench would dominate and overwhelm the "feel" of the sanctuary. Given the increase in physical size, the feedback seemed reasonable. As a result, Concept B was developed.

Concept B simply adds a 34 1/4 inch extension to the current bench to accommodate the video streaming and projection equipment. This concept will accommodate two operators and blend better with the Sanctuary environment. The concept is "tight", in that the video operator (North) will block in/out access for the Audio operator (South).

Below are photographs of a lath prototype in the designated space:

View from the Sanctuary (click to enlarge):
Concept B Sanctuary View.jpg
A/V Operator Access (click to enlarge):
Concept B Access View.jpg

Concept A

28-Apr-2022: With concept A, the location of the bench will move forward by one pew, allowing the width of the work area to increase to accommodate two operators.

View from the Sanctuary:
220411 Front Bench.png
Operator's view:
220411 Inside Bench.png
Tape layout for new bench:
220425 New Bench Floor Markings - IMG_0758.jpg