First Presbyterian Church



First Presbyterian Church of Marshalltown supports many missions through financial contributions, prayer, correspondence and volunteer support. Three of these are detailed below.



Morning Star Missions

Morning Star

MorningStar Missions is an ongoing mission ministry within Honduras. They have been operating there since 2008, and full-time since October of 2013; establishing a solid base of ministries within the mountains surrounding Copan Ruinas. MorningStar is currently working in twelve different communities. Six of those have churches (some built by MorningStar) and the remaining six have weekly Bible studies.

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WellSpring Mission


WellSpring Missions: Clean water is the life blood of developing nations. South Sudan, and particularly Jonglei Province have been devastated with over 50 years of war – only to be hit with a recent civil war within this newly formed country. WellSpring Missions was formed to drill water wells for villages without clean water in South Sudan.

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Jonathan's House for Orphans

Jonathan's HouseJonathan’s House for Orphans, an Acts 2 Collective ministry, is located in the Central African Republic. This mission is directed by a member of the First Presbyterian Church of Marshalltown, Iowa, and has been financially and prayerfully supported by the church since its beginnings in 2011. The Central African Republic suffered through a brutal war from 2013-2015, an AIDS epidemic for decades, and has ranked last of all countries in the world on the Legatum Prosperity Index and the world hunger index for the several years.

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