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Morning Star

MorningStar Missions is an ongoing mission ministry within Honduras. They have been operating there since 2008, and full-time since October of 2013; establishing a solid base of ministries within the mountains surrounding Copan Ruinas. MorningStar is currently working in twelve different communities. Six of those have churches (some built by MorningStar) and the remaining six have weekly Bible studies.

Shawn Paul, of MorningStar Missions, reports, “By working with pastors and leaders, we are able to strengthen and help them advance their work in a greater fashion.” They have seen tremendous growth by implementing their ministry tools (financial resources, community outreach projects, children’s church, evangelistic teams, teaching, and training).

MorningStar Missions has been part of First Presbyterian Church’s mission outreach program for several years with annual financial support from our missions budget. The family of a daughter of one of our active members is the leadership for MorningStar in Honduras. Our member, Jan Faber, has visited and worked in the mission field there and her family has presented to our church when home on furlough. This relationship has helped us to develop a strong connection to their ongoing evangelical work. There is currently a demand for this ministry to expand geographically offering Pastor and Leadership Conferences and ongoing support to various other communities within Honduras and Guatemala. Shawn Paul, from MorningStar Missions, reports: “It is always wonderful to see the work of the Lord at hand. When we initially started our full-time work here in 2013, God gave us a vision for the immediate local area. We saw a huge response and impact immediately. Many were amazed at the development work that took place. Never did I see a future to where we are traveling to other areas of Central America. Today, we are getting requests to come to other areas to hold various kinds of meetings. In these meetings, we are finding out the very limited knowledge of Pastors and Leaders in the mountainous communities. In many cases, a new convert in the USA has more knowledge than they do for various reasons: lack of education; reading skills; Biblical study tools; and lack of training. There is a bright future for us in the work we do. The expansion of ministry has been closely managed these past years. We have been mindful to take on those things we can be effective in. The Lord has seen our stewardship and is adding more to our vision.”

As for us at First Presbyterian, it is especially exciting to follow and support missions where we have members directly involved. It makes our involvement much more personal, ensures comfort about stewardship. We are blessed to have such a contact with this and other missions.